Friday, September 30, 2016

HELLO AGAIN ! 9-30-2016

It's been sometime since I put up a blog post.  I said in the beginning ,that it was an experiment, that I'm not a writer and did not know how often I would be posting.  Well, there have been gaps between posts, but I have decided to continue and work on improving the blog for next year.  I hope you , that have enjoyed the blog, will stick by me and spread the word.

The season is rapidly coming to a close and the Mets need two more wins to gain the first playoff spot. I'm sure the Phillies will have something to say about that, but really the Mets are on a mission and should be able to take 2 of 3 and sew this thing up.

Hard to believe that about 5/6 weeks ago this team looked dead in the water.  No offense, injuries, just did not seem to be their year.  And then, Terry blew up in a press conference, Cespedes returned, Reyes and Cabrera returned, Lugo and Gsellman surprised, and Rivera was a revelation.  Now, with three games left, Grandy is hot, Bruce is showing signs of finding a stroke, Duda looks to be warming up and Cespedes is heating his bat for a run.  Going to be an exciting weekend and postseason.

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See you soon!

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