Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Did Sandy Misread Trade Market 12-14-2016

Did Sandy misread the trade market and value of Jay Bruce?  It seems he may have as the bottom keeps dropping on outfielders . 

Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnocion still unsigned, players like Andrew McCutchen,Lorenzo Cain, and Charlie Blackmon, rumored to be on the trading block, where does that leave Alderson. The Bruce trade was a waste to begin with and now if they can't move him  for anything but low level prospects will really make it a disaster.

Will Noah end the "Santa Curse"? Noah Syndergaard, portrayed Santa during yesterday's Holiday Party. 

This from MetsBlog:

Have you heard of the Curse of the Santa Suit? It began in 2004, when Mike Cameron played Santa Claus at the team's Kids Holiday Party after joining the Mets.

The next season, an outfield collision with Carlos Beltran gave him a concussion and broke his nose and cheekbones.

This was only the beginning... 

In 2005, Santa was played by Kris Benson, after which he was traded to the O's.

The Curse sort of skipped David Wright's Santa in Dec. 2006, though the team did collapse the end of the next season and it's hardly been smooth sailing for Wright since then.

In 2007, Santa was John Maine, after which his shoulder started barking and, well, that was that.

Mike Pelfrey was Santa in 2008, after which he had a 5.03 ERA.

In 2009, Jeff Francoeur was Santa, he struggled that season and was soon traded to the Rangers.

David Wright reprised the role in 2010, then broke his back.

In Dec. 2011, it was Daniel Murphy, and, though he had a good season, most of his numbers were all down in 2012.

In 2012, John Franco emerged to play Santa, so the Curse jumped to his elf, R.A. Dickey, who talked bad about the team and was traded two weeks later.

Murphy returned in 2013, and seemingly stopped the Curse by having a terrific season and making the All-Star team.

Murphy is the excepetion, though, because Jenrry Mejia was Santa in 2014, after which he was injured and suspended twice for PEDs.

Last year, rookie LHP Steven Matz wore the Santa hat, started 2016 strong, but fell apart during the summer before having season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur in his elbow.

Oh Boy, doesn't bode well for Thor after all he did have an issue with bones spurslast year, this one deserves watching!

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