Friday, May 20, 2016


The 2016 season has not been kind to Matt Harvey.  Yes, yes, it's still early but, so far the Dark Knight has been beaten to a pulp and left for dead by the good citizens of Gotham.  What is wrong with Matt Harvey?  The speculation runs rampant, the clot in his bladder. Last years workload, to much nightlife, he's lost his confidence, a mechanical problem, he's injured, it's all across the board.  I don't know what's wrong with Harvey, but, I do know something is not right,  and the Mets need to figure it out before it's to late. A trip to the DL would give him a chance to decompress and figure this thing out.  Maybe even a trip back to the Minors, though a radical move,  would help.  Something has to shake loose here if he is to become the Harvey of old.

Now you see it, now you don't, that about sums up the Mets offense this year.  So far this season we have been on a roller coaster with this offense.  The talent is there but for some reason they love to pop up and strikeout.  Let's start being more aggressive at bat boys, and stop taking the good pitches and swinging at the bad ones.

It hurts me to say it but, David Wright looks old. He's  missing pitches, fouling off offerings that he used to drive into the gaps. The throws from third seem to lack any zip and appear to just make it to first.  It may be time for David to do some serious soul searching, at  the least he should be dropped in the lineup and rested more, and maybe he should consider retirement.  I know it's difficult to walk away from that large a contract, but, I'm sure the Mets would be willing to work something out with him.

Relax and calm down the end is not near.  There is still plenty of time left in the season.  Sure, there are some concerns but we are still alive and in the hunt so I’m am confident that they will figure it all back.

Keep The Faith
Stay Optimistic 

Lets Go Mets!!!

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