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Here it is my first blog. For years people said I should be getting into the blogging game but, not being a writer, I never thought that I could sit down and put something down on paper every day or every other day that people would find interesting but lately I've had a change of heart. The problem I have is that,sometimes, my thoughts are way too faster than I can type, or that I can write down on a piece of paper. So, I lose my train of thought and get lost completely and end up with nothing and I miss the entire point of trying to make.  But now I am trying something new.  It was suggested that I try speech to text  software and that's what I am doing and I am going to  let technology handle the job for me so I hope this works and will see. I’m sure there's a lot of editing that I'll have to go back and do, but that may be simpler than trying to sit down and write. 
So spring training is finally here in just a day or two the games will start , and we will be getting our first look at the entire squad of the New York Mets. And it's always an exciting time because you get to see all the young players trying to make an impression, the invited veterans that are trying to make the team, and of course the regular squad getting in shape for the upcoming year. There isn't a lot of questions with this New York Mets team this year not a lot of positions up in the air as in previous years. The only spots open  is probably the  end of the bullpen and a bench  spot.  But again it's always a fun to see the guys coming to camp and try to make this team especially the young guys.

There's a lot of for grabs this year and I'm sure the Mets are going to be working hard to get back to the playoffs and the World Series in 2016. And I hope that you'll join me in this journey all season long by listening to the MetsMusings podcast and following this blog.

So remember keep the faith stay optimistic and let's go Mets

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