Friday, May 20, 2016


The weather in the beginning of this baseball season has been atrocious and the Mets have been dodging raindrops ,it seems every home game.  Not only is it tough on the players , but, it is brutal on the fans who sit in the cold, damp, miserable weather. My hats off to you.  At least, we get a break.  The Mets go out West where it is warmer and hopefully, drier, and we get to sit on our couches and enjoy the games from the comfort of our homes.  Ahhhhhh

I spent many hours of my youth,and adulthood at Shea Stadium.  It bacame almost a home away from home.  I was sad went it was torn down and I still remember it and think of it fondly.  I have to say, that it took a while to warm to Citi Field,  but after the last two years, and the playoffs, and the World Series, it feels like home and I know it has it's faults but it is really a very lovely place full of amenities.  I have always enjoyed myself when I go to a game there.

Let's start a rumor.  I feel the Mets should be talking to the Brewers about Jonathan Lucroy.  Veteran catcher, former All Star, the Brewers were interested in making a trade for Flores/Wheeler last season, perhaps they are still interested in swinging some sort of deal this time for Lucroy. Why not investigate.

The best part of the weekend was Bartolo Colon's home run on Saturday night.  Pure bedlam, and joy as Colon rounded the bases and the reaction in the dugout was priceless.  It was one of those moments that reminds us all why we love this game so much,  it also reminds us how great the game is WITHOUT the DH , and why the National League must never, never, cave in and allow the vile rule to infect the league.

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