Friday, May 20, 2016



Michael Conforto can hit and field too.  That smooth, fluid, swing and the ability to hit to all fields, his knowledge of the strike zone,  will prove to be the fuel that makes him a star in this league. 

After being drafted by the Mets in 2014, Conforto came to Brooklyn to play for the Cyclones. His six week stint in Brooklyn left an impression not only with the fans, but with his first pro manager Tom Gamboa. I interviewed Gamboa in 2014 during the off season, (Cyclones FeverCast #14). Gamboa spoke of how Conforto hit it off with his teammates, has great poise, very relaxed and confident in his talent.  He was also impressed with his defense.  All the scouting report,and  notes said that Conforto's defense and his arm were "adequate". Gamboa said "I'm telling you this guy was anything but that. He's got unbelievable pride in his whole game and in the team concept and in wanting to win and be a part of a winning team".  That's just the type of player  we want patrolling the outfield in Citi Field. 

So we watch the development of a ballplayer, possibly a star, maybe even a superstar who knows.  All I know is that it will be fun to see what happens with this young man, who, I believe, has  a very bright future.

It's gonna be a fun season! 

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