Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The injury to Luca Duda is a big blow and leaves a big hole in the Mets lineup, but, let's not panic yet.  Somehow, over the last two seasons the Mets have been able to weather the storm until the players return.  Last year it was Wright and d'Arnaud, now this year d'Arnaud and Duda.  Remember the Mets have won four in a row (as I write this)  with Eric Campbell at first and Sandy Alderson is not the type to rush into a deal and risk getting fleeced.  I'm sure he will keep checking the wires and keep his ear to the ground and make an approiate deal when the time is right.

Matt Harvey goes tonight and he must show some improvement or the rumors and speculation will start up and again.  Come on Matt dig deep, and come up with a clutch performance.  We are pulling for you.

I like Travis d'Arnaud, honest, I do it's just that the guy cannot stay healthy.  And it's not a little nagging thing here and there.  No, Travis has some big injuries.  The latest being to his rotator cuff . d'Arnaud has been on the disabled list since April 26 with a strained right rotator cuff.  He received a platelet-rich-plasma injection in early May. He has since been throwing a baseball and rehabbing, but not hitting, with a personal trainer at his home in California.

d’Arnaud  is expected to move his rehab to St. Lucie later this week, according to assistant general manager John Ricco
"He threw a couple of days ago and felt pretty good," Ricco said. "He's going to throw one more time and then head back to Port St. Lucie in the middle of the week. He's still got a little time in front of him before getting back out on the field playing baseball. But he did feel better the last time he threw, a couple of days ago."
We need to get him back and healthy but, can he stay that way.

That’s it for now remember to
Keep the Faith
Stay Optimistic
Lets Go Mets

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