Tuesday, May 31, 2016


In one of the most ridiculous things I have ever witnessed as a baseball fan, Noah Syndergaard was ejected from a game by home plate umpire Adam Hamari, for throwing behind Chase Utley.  There was no warning issued either after the pitch, or before the game, just the ejection by a fill in umpire who was clearly trying to make a statement.

After the game crew chief Tom Hallion issued a statement saying that Hamari believed that the pitch was intentional and in that situation has the right to either warn or eject the player. We never see ejections in these cases, until Saturday night in Queens.

He also indicated in the statement that last year's game had nothing to do with the Syndergaard ejection. That is disingenuous. If it didn't why was he so quick to eject, he should have warned both benches and let it be. But no the Hamari  got involved and may have cost the Mets a win.  He changed the game by taking a top pitcher out of the game, by taking the inside corner away from the Mets pitchers, and forcing them into the bullpen early.

MLB sits on its hand , changes rules, but gives no clear actions and confuses the matters even more. There is no consistency and that is the fault of the MLB.   Ken Rosenthal has a great piece on the need for consistency among officiating in baseball.

No doubt about it Matt Harvey turned in his best performance of the year, Monday tossing seven scoreless innings, ending a three-start losing streak as the Mets blanked the Chicago White Sox, 1-0, at Citi Field.

Harvey gave up a season-low two hits and struck out six batters while pitching into the seventh for the first time this season. He threw 87 pitchers and faced the minimum 18 batters in the first six innings. But, this is only the first step back .  He will need to deliver more games like this in his upcoming starts.  Let's hope he can.

David Wright  told reporters after Monday's win that he has a herniated disc in his neck. He will know more Tuesday  after he visits the team's medical staff again.

Prior to Monday's game, manager Terry Collins said there is "concern" that Wright may have to go on the disabled list with a neck problem. Wright did not play for the third game  in a row on Monday, the series opener against the White Sox at Citi Field.
Wright's neck issue is not related to his spinal stenosis condition that sidelined him for several months last season.
This could be the end for David.  The injuries keep mounting and they are serious ones.  The question is does he want to continue the pain and agony he goes through to get ready for a professional ballgame?  When is enough, enough? He will have to sit down with his family and ponder these questions and I fear it will be sooner rather then later.  I would love to have a healthy David Wright back in the lineup, I just don't think that is possible anymore.

With the arrival of James Loney to play first base and the impending David Wright visit to the DL  the Mets still will need to dump someone off of the 40 man roster for Loney.  My guess is Ty Kelly, though I would not be surprised if it's Campbell.    Campbell has not really hit but has played well in the field.  Kelly has not had a lot of chances but got his first big league hit, and has also played well defensively.  I guess it will come down to who has the bigger upside.
That's all for now remember
Keep The Faith
Stay Optimistic
and Let's Go Mets!!                                                       

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The injury to Luca Duda is a big blow and leaves a big hole in the Mets lineup, but, let's not panic yet.  Somehow, over the last two seasons the Mets have been able to weather the storm until the players return.  Last year it was Wright and d'Arnaud, now this year d'Arnaud and Duda.  Remember the Mets have won four in a row (as I write this)  with Eric Campbell at first and Sandy Alderson is not the type to rush into a deal and risk getting fleeced.  I'm sure he will keep checking the wires and keep his ear to the ground and make an approiate deal when the time is right.

Matt Harvey goes tonight and he must show some improvement or the rumors and speculation will start up and again.  Come on Matt dig deep, and come up with a clutch performance.  We are pulling for you.

I like Travis d'Arnaud, honest, I do it's just that the guy cannot stay healthy.  And it's not a little nagging thing here and there.  No, Travis has some big injuries.  The latest being to his rotator cuff . d'Arnaud has been on the disabled list since April 26 with a strained right rotator cuff.  He received a platelet-rich-plasma injection in early May. He has since been throwing a baseball and rehabbing, but not hitting, with a personal trainer at his home in California.

d’Arnaud  is expected to move his rehab to St. Lucie later this week, according to assistant general manager John Ricco
"He threw a couple of days ago and felt pretty good," Ricco said. "He's going to throw one more time and then head back to Port St. Lucie in the middle of the week. He's still got a little time in front of him before getting back out on the field playing baseball. But he did feel better the last time he threw, a couple of days ago."
We need to get him back and healthy but, can he stay that way.

That’s it for now remember to
Keep the Faith
Stay Optimistic
Lets Go Mets

Friday, May 20, 2016


The 2016 season has not been kind to Matt Harvey.  Yes, yes, it's still early but, so far the Dark Knight has been beaten to a pulp and left for dead by the good citizens of Gotham.  What is wrong with Matt Harvey?  The speculation runs rampant, the clot in his bladder. Last years workload, to much nightlife, he's lost his confidence, a mechanical problem, he's injured, it's all across the board.  I don't know what's wrong with Harvey, but, I do know something is not right,  and the Mets need to figure it out before it's to late. A trip to the DL would give him a chance to decompress and figure this thing out.  Maybe even a trip back to the Minors, though a radical move,  would help.  Something has to shake loose here if he is to become the Harvey of old.

Now you see it, now you don't, that about sums up the Mets offense this year.  So far this season we have been on a roller coaster with this offense.  The talent is there but for some reason they love to pop up and strikeout.  Let's start being more aggressive at bat boys, and stop taking the good pitches and swinging at the bad ones.

It hurts me to say it but, David Wright looks old. He's  missing pitches, fouling off offerings that he used to drive into the gaps. The throws from third seem to lack any zip and appear to just make it to first.  It may be time for David to do some serious soul searching, at  the least he should be dropped in the lineup and rested more, and maybe he should consider retirement.  I know it's difficult to walk away from that large a contract, but, I'm sure the Mets would be willing to work something out with him.

Relax and calm down the end is not near.  There is still plenty of time left in the season.  Sure, there are some concerns but we are still alive and in the hunt so I’m am confident that they will figure it all back.

Keep The Faith
Stay Optimistic 

Lets Go Mets!!!


The weather in the beginning of this baseball season has been atrocious and the Mets have been dodging raindrops ,it seems every home game.  Not only is it tough on the players , but, it is brutal on the fans who sit in the cold, damp, miserable weather. My hats off to you.  At least, we get a break.  The Mets go out West where it is warmer and hopefully, drier, and we get to sit on our couches and enjoy the games from the comfort of our homes.  Ahhhhhh

I spent many hours of my youth,and adulthood at Shea Stadium.  It bacame almost a home away from home.  I was sad went it was torn down and I still remember it and think of it fondly.  I have to say, that it took a while to warm to Citi Field,  but after the last two years, and the playoffs, and the World Series, it feels like home and I know it has it's faults but it is really a very lovely place full of amenities.  I have always enjoyed myself when I go to a game there.

Let's start a rumor.  I feel the Mets should be talking to the Brewers about Jonathan Lucroy.  Veteran catcher, former All Star, the Brewers were interested in making a trade for Flores/Wheeler last season, perhaps they are still interested in swinging some sort of deal this time for Lucroy. Why not investigate.

The best part of the weekend was Bartolo Colon's home run on Saturday night.  Pure bedlam, and joy as Colon rounded the bases and the reaction in the dugout was priceless.  It was one of those moments that reminds us all why we love this game so much,  it also reminds us how great the game is WITHOUT the DH , and why the National League must never, never, cave in and allow the vile rule to infect the league.

IT'S JUST A GAME 4-16-2016


We learned today that the Mets placed pitcher Jacob deGrom on Major League Baseball's bereavement/medical emergency list Saturday due to complications regarding his newborn baby. DeGrom is currently in his hometown of DeLand, Fla., with his wife, Stacey, and son Jaxon.

"It's a real-life situation," Mets manager Terry Collins said. "Certainly we take the game of baseball very seriously, but this changes a lot of things. [deGrom is] such a good guy. Stacey, she's outstanding. You just sit here the last few days -- and those guys in there can all tell you, they do the best to stay in touch with him. We're all praying and pulling for him. Unfortunately, it's part of life, and we've got to take care of business."

Sometimes we fans, forget that these players we watch and root for are human beings.  With all the big money in the game , we forget that they have the same problems, worries and have to deal with the details of life as we do. It is situations like this one with Jacob deGrom and his new born that brings that message home.  We should all try and remember that the players are just human.  My prayers and thoughts are with the deGrom family tonight.


I cannot help but wonder if all the hype about Matt Harvey was untrue.  Today he looked like Mike Pelfrey, four good innings and then the wheels came off the wagon.  I hope he finds it, I would hate to think that he has become a four inning pitcher.  Maybe he should look harder for his slider, rather then thinking about a big contract.


I recommend four terrific books to fill your time when the Mets are not playing. They are:
Amazin’ Again - by Greg Prince - Great recap of the 2015 season
Kings of Queens - by Erik Sherman -  Life Beyond Baseball With The ’86 Mets
Down On The Korner: Ralph Kiner and Kiner’s Korner - by Howie Karin and Mark Rosenman*
Welcome to The Show - by Frank Nappi - Third in the Mickey Tussler series.  Read the book , read the series, they are all terrific.

All are available at Amazon and other fine booksellers.
*Preorder at Amazon or order now at sportstalknylive.com and save!

THIS AND THAT 4-10-2016

Mets start season with a problem they had last season,  lack of offense.  So far this young 2016 season the Mets top of the order has struggled.  The middle with Conforto, Walker have been doing most of the damage .  Granted, the weather has not been conducive to hitting,and it is still very early, still, with the Mets history of offensive woes it is something to keep in mind.

From Mets Blog.com - Lefthanded reliever Josh Edgin began his rehab stint with Class A St. Lucie Sunday, throwing 27 pitches in 2/3 of an inning.
Edgin, who started, allowed a walk, single and sac fly.  Edgin, who had Tommy John surgery in March 2015, is aiming to return to the Mets around May 1. He was placed on the disabled list at the start of the season.

How about those Columbia Fireflies !  The first victory in Fireflies franchise history goes down as a combined no hitter.  Thomas McIlraith, Alex Palsha and Johnny Magliozzi  were the three pitchers that  no-hit the Charleston RiverDogs . With the help of catcher Jose Garcia, the trio struck out 13 batters and led Columbia to a 9-0 win. 

Jacob deGrom will miss his next start due to a sore lat muscle.  This injury forced him out of his first start in the home opener Friday.  Logan Verrett gets the start.

Went to a book launch for my friend Frank Nappi on Friday evening.  Frank's new book Welcome To The Show,  is the third novel in his Mickey Tussler series which is about an autistic young man who becomes a pitching phenom and the trials and tribulations of life around him and the people he encounters. All three novels are available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble and other fine book stores.  I highly recommend the entire series.


Great article by Greg Prince http://www.faithandfearinflushing.com/  on the life and times (and departure) of Ruben Tejada.

 I was a Tejada fan so I think his talent peaked at an early age and what you saw is what you got with him.  Not great, but solid in the field , could work out a walk, very little pop,  though he seemed to be a good guy. At least, he made it to a playoff even though he will become a footnote in playoff history, for receiving a broken leg.  Nonetheless, there is always a little sadness when someone goes that you rooted for over a period of time. But that's the business of the game.

David Wright makes Spring debut tonight.  And it's about time. Whether he is ready for Opening Day is debatable at this point , however, he says he will be, and, it's always good to see the Captain on the field.

I have no problem with Matt Harvey getting the nod for Opening Day.  He is the"ace" of the staff, has been having a good spring and deseves the honor.  Now go and show us what you are made of.

On the injury front:  Yoenis Cespedes is okay, Cabrera looks like he will be okay for the opener, Wheeler threw off a mound, and Edgin is throwing batting practice and feeling better.

By the By:  This is the month for books on the Mets

When Shea was Home by Brett Topel
Amazin Again: How The 2015NY Mets Brought The Magic Back To Queensby Greg Prince
Kings Of Queens: Life Beyond Baseball With The '86 Mets by Erik Sherman ( March 22)

And in April
Down On The Korner: Ralph Kiner and Kiner's Korner by Mark Rosenman and Howie Karpin

Great reads all, go check them out.


What to do with Kevin Plawecki?  That is a question circulating around camp.  The young catcher did not perform as well offensively, as we all thought.  However, he did an admirable job  working with the pitchers, running games, and defensive prowess.  Over the winter Plawecki reworked his swing ,and has had a decent spring with the bat.  So what do you do.  With a healthy Travis d’Arnaud, would it be better to have Plawecki go down to AAA and play every day or play sporadically in the Majors?

 I’m kind of stuck in the middle on this one.  I would love to see him make the club, but I see the sense in having him play everyday. Time will tell.  To see more on this check out this article fromKristie Ackert of the NY Daily News   http://nydn.us/1LZv7qH

Greg  Prince  is an author and a blogger.He is the coeditor / co founder of the Faith and Fear in Flushing blog, a very popular Mets blog and I was lucky enough to have him come on the show just the other week.  Greg has a new book out called "Amazin’ Again: How the 2015 New York Mets Brought the Magic Back to Queens”, a book about the 2015 season as seen thru Greg's eyes and as well as all Mets  fans eyes. It's s a terrific book and everybody should pick it up. Your Mets library is incomplete without this book.  It's available at Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble, and all fine book stores.  Go check it out and pick up your copy today.



The other evening I was listening to another Mets podcast, and the cohost was quite angry at Jacob de Grom for not signing his 2016 contract. As you know,  de Grom was not happy with the contract that he received from the Mets and his agent had to do some fancy footwork to try to smooth over the situation. 

At first I was a little taken aback by the cohost’s opinion , thinking that it was not a big deal, but after further reflection I think he made a valid point. Jacob de Grom and his agent handled the whole situation poorly. It should have  never gotten out in the press, it should've never gotten to the point where they had to walk it back to make it look that it wasn’t that big a deal. The Mets were well within  their authority  to offer what they did to de Grom. He's got to except the rules. These are rules that were set up by his union, the Major League Baseball Players Association, as well as Major-League Baseball. It was negotiated, agreed upon, and the players have to learn to live with it. Of course, he's underpaid. He’s not making anything near what he should be making but that's not the point. The point is there is a CBA, which was agreed by everybody.  The Mets had every right to do what they did. 

The business of baseball can be an ugly business with the arbitration hearings and all.  It can be very nasty and what happened with Jacob de Grom wasn't right, but, the Mets are not the bad guy in this thing. They did exactly what a team that is trying to save a few bucks to keep the team together would do and have no fault at all. Jacob de Grom will make his money eventually, so for now just work hard and wait for that day to come and sign the contract.

Mike Piazza spent the other day visiting the  Hall of Fame for the first time in a long while. He checked out the different exhibits, and also checked out where his future plaque is going to be come this July. He had some thoughts on being at the Hall of Fame:
"It's a little overwhelming," Piazza said Tuesday after touring the shrine in preparation for his induction in July. "You kind of feel like the race is over. It all starts to hit home. It's your career and many people have touched it. It's pretty crazy to think about."
"It's incredibly powerful. This whole year for me has been so euphoric. It's such an honor," said Piazza. "When you come here and you see the history here, the players that you played against and with, it all sort of trickles back. It's a powerful experience. The game has given me everything that I have."
Piazza put on white gloves and swung bats once wielded by the Splendid Splinter, Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams, and Philadelphia Phillies icon Mike Schmidt.
"To come back and then to see Mike Schmidt's bat, I mean, I grew up watching the Phillies in the 70s," said Piazza, who lived in Norristown, just north of Philadelphia. "That was the team that I loved to watch and followed. Coming full circle with the Mets and seeing Tom Seaver (in the Hall of Fame), it starts to hit home. It's very exciting for me."
Elected on the fourth try, Piazza joins Tom Seaver as the only players elected to the Hall as New York Mets. Piazza will be inducted July 24 with Ken Griffey Jr.

de Grom SETTING TRENDS - 3-8-2016

de Grom SETTING TRENDS - 3-8-2016

  I recently read an article in The Record  saying that a MLB player found Jacob deGrom's hair is distracting.  Here is what the hitter had  to say about the hair to The Record:

“First of all, I see this guy on the mound who looks like a stick figure. I mean, you don’t see major league pitchers who look like that. And he’s got that hair – you can’t not look at it, it’s everywhere. It bothers me when I’m trying to pick up the ball out of his hand. All I see is hair.”

Well, it made me think.  A hundred years ago when I played organized ball, I don't remember anyone playing  with hair that long. So it is hard to relate,  but if you sit down and study I could see where it could become a distraction, and then it gets in your head.  Maybe that's why Tim Lincecum was so good with the Giants.   It was the hair! 

So where will this take us.  All starting pitchers growing their hair long to boost their strikeouts? It could happen. Remember, relief pitchers grew moustaches and beards to be more intimidating, so I guess long hair on starters for distraction is not out of the realm of reality.

Oh, by the way when de Grom heard about all this he said, “That’s pretty cool … I guess now I’ll never cut it.”

There it is trend setter Jacob de Grom keeping it simple.



Michael Conforto can hit and field too.  That smooth, fluid, swing and the ability to hit to all fields, his knowledge of the strike zone,  will prove to be the fuel that makes him a star in this league. 

After being drafted by the Mets in 2014, Conforto came to Brooklyn to play for the Cyclones. His six week stint in Brooklyn left an impression not only with the fans, but with his first pro manager Tom Gamboa. I interviewed Gamboa in 2014 during the off season, (Cyclones FeverCast #14). Gamboa spoke of how Conforto hit it off with his teammates, has great poise, very relaxed and confident in his talent.  He was also impressed with his defense.  All the scouting report,and  notes said that Conforto's defense and his arm were "adequate". Gamboa said "I'm telling you this guy was anything but that. He's got unbelievable pride in his whole game and in the team concept and in wanting to win and be a part of a winning team".  That's just the type of player  we want patrolling the outfield in Citi Field. 

So we watch the development of a ballplayer, possibly a star, maybe even a superstar who knows.  All I know is that it will be fun to see what happens with this young man, who, I believe, has  a very bright future.

It's gonna be a fun season! 

End Of The Road For Ruben? 3-2-2016

End Of The Road For Ruben? 3-2-2016

Ruben Tejada may not even make the New York Mets team this year. There are reports that he could be traded before spring training is over.

Tejada became the center of attention last year during the playoffs when he was taken out by Chase Utley on a dirty slide and received a broken leg. With the addition of  Asdrubal Cabrera at shortstop, and Wilmer Flores as a super utility man, there may not be room for Ruben on this roster. Beside Flores, the Mets bench seems to include Juan Lagares as the extra outfielder and Kevin Plawecki as the backup catcher.  Alejandro de Aza is in the same boat as Tejada but with his big contract, he doesn’t figure to go anywhere. That will leave Tejada fighting for the last spot on the roster.  Eric Campbell could be Tejada's competition, and with his experience, and versatility, (infield,outfield, emergency catcher)  Campbell has a good chance to make the team.

If Tejada does not make the roster or gets traded, I wish Ruben all the luck in the world and hope that he lands in a spot with a team that can really use his glove and his services.

With all the hoopla over Cespedes’s autos, and horse, and pig having taken place the first week of Spring Training, Terry Collins is putting an end to it and informing the players :

"The fun time is over," Collins said Tuesday afternoon. "It's time to finally get ready for baseball. ... I have no problem with it. ... There's nothing else to write about, so you write about his cars. ... But, like I said, it's time to get ready for baseball now."

Sounds like Terry is ready to go, and now it’s time for his team to do the same.  I don’t think there will be any problem with that.  The Mets got a taste of the playoffs  and now they want more.

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Here it is my first blog. For years people said I should be getting into the blogging game but, not being a writer, I never thought that I could sit down and put something down on paper every day or every other day that people would find interesting but lately I've had a change of heart. The problem I have is that,sometimes, my thoughts are way too faster than I can type, or that I can write down on a piece of paper. So, I lose my train of thought and get lost completely and end up with nothing and I miss the entire point of trying to make.  But now I am trying something new.  It was suggested that I try speech to text  software and that's what I am doing and I am going to  let technology handle the job for me so I hope this works and will see. I’m sure there's a lot of editing that I'll have to go back and do, but that may be simpler than trying to sit down and write. 
So spring training is finally here in just a day or two the games will start , and we will be getting our first look at the entire squad of the New York Mets. And it's always an exciting time because you get to see all the young players trying to make an impression, the invited veterans that are trying to make the team, and of course the regular squad getting in shape for the upcoming year. There isn't a lot of questions with this New York Mets team this year not a lot of positions up in the air as in previous years. The only spots open  is probably the  end of the bullpen and a bench  spot.  But again it's always a fun to see the guys coming to camp and try to make this team especially the young guys.

There's a lot of for grabs this year and I'm sure the Mets are going to be working hard to get back to the playoffs and the World Series in 2016. And I hope that you'll join me in this journey all season long by listening to the MetsMusings podcast and following this blog.

So remember keep the faith stay optimistic and let's go Mets

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